First, I would like to thank The Lord and my family for their constant support towards making my dream a reality. Thank you for pushing me and always keeping me on the right track. To Dad, Mom & Zack, I love you and couldn’t have done this without you. Next, I can’t begin to express how blessed I was to record with such an incredible crew. Everyone from the musicians, engineers, photographers and to the design team were all a blast to work with. Your talents blow me away every time I’m able to watch you work!

This EP would not have been possible without the teachers that shaped me as a musician. To Richard Birk, Martin Montoya, David Box, Keith Winking, Jovol Bell, Ron Ulen, David Hill & Will Hearn, thank you for investing in me even to this day. A very special thank you to our generous benefactors Melanie Buckheit, Orren Gaspard, Sheree Muzny, Robert Rodriguez, Michael Wiggs & Melodie Wiggs, thank you for believing in the music! Thank you as well to my long time friend and creative designer, Stephen Swirsky. It’s been an honor to work with you over the years and to watch your creativity grow.

Finally, to Nathaniel McKay, it’s surreal to see that this day has come. I can’t imagine anyone else I would rather have by my side growing up & making music with. I love you and am so excited for what we will get to do together.

As I decided which charts to place on this record, I wanted each chart to pay tribute to the artists who have inspired me most such as Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, Tony DeSare, Tony Bennett & Michael Buble. There is rarely a day that goes by when I’m not called back to these classic voices and their timeless recordings.

This record is dedicated to my greatest mentor and my friend, Brian Casey. The impact you have made on me as a musician and a person is something that I would never trade for anything in the world. I love you, Mr. Casey.


"Wonderful You Came By" is available for digital purchase on iTunes, BandCamp, Google Play & Amazon Music!

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Recording Musicians & Crew:

Piano: Frank Cano, Kenneth Davison

Bass: Ben Triesch

Drums: Tom Raines

Trumpet: Nathaniel McKay, David Young

Flugelhorn: Nathaniel McKay

Saxophone: Jerry Espinoza, Kevin Davison, Jamal Edwards

Guest Vox: David Young

Engineering & Mixing: Maxwell Carney

Photography: Dayton Box & Jonathan Gonzales

Album Design & Arranging: Stephen Swirsky


This record was engineered and mixed at Fire Station Studios.