Christian Wiggs is someone to keep an eye on. Not only does he have a natural feel for the music and for intelligent phrasing, but he also has a natural stage presence. Christian is the real deal.
— Tony DeSare

Based out of Austin, Texas, Christian Wiggs is Austin's newest up-and-coming jazz vocalist. Taking inspiration from greats such as Sinatra, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong and more, Christian brings a unique sound to the bandstand, incorporating subtle nuances of the prolific voices jazz enthusiasts know and love.

Born in Lake Jackson, Texas, Wiggs is both a jazz vocalist/trumpet player. From an early age, Christian became heavily involved in music. In his latter years of high school, Wiggs started to pursue his freelance career as an aspiring jazz musician. Influenced by the titans of jazz such as Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and so many others, he started to pick up the style and began performing shows frequently.

Early Spring 2014, Christian formed a jazz combo, Christian & The Wiggs, which played in and around the greater Houston, TX area. 

Beginning in Fall 2014, Christian moved to San Marcos, Texas to pursue a degree in Music Education and minor in Jazz Studies. After taking a short break from performing to focus on studies, he began pursuing big band jazz and became the lead vocalist for The Vintage 15. 

Currently, Christian can be seen throughout Texas, often in Austin & the surrounding areas, performing with The Vintage 15, V5 feat. Christian Wiggs, VIX and other various jazz groups.

In November 2015, Christian recorded his first professional jazz record, "Wonderful You Came By". Each track holds significance and pays tribute to the musicians that Wiggs takes inspiration from. As a special tip of the hat, the record was released on December 12th, 2015, the Sinatra Centennial.

In June 2017, Wiggs will record his second, currently untitled album, with a release date in the Fall. For more information, visit the "Untitled Second Album" page.

Christian has performed with musicians such as Matthew Maldonado, Ross Margitza, David Young, Utah Hamrick, Adam Reidelbach, Jovol Bell, Steve Hunt, Stockton Helbing, Ed Lowe, Ted Wenglinski, David Box, Sparky Koerner, Brian Casey, Richard Birk and many more. Wiggs has also collaborated with the San Martian Quartet & Jazz Sunday.

Wiggs has also opened for acts such as Tony DeSare, the Houston Symphony Orchestra & Blue Water Highway Band.

In his free time, Wiggs enjoys watching film and starting new projects. Christian also enjoys hearing from fans. You can email him through the Contact page.



Photographer: Jonathan Gonzales

Photographer: Willard Gibbons

Musician: Christian Wiggs