Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce I'll be going back into the studio in just a couple short months, and I could use your help! The recording session will include:

- A six (6) track album, featuring rhythm section and horn musicians from The Vintage 15 Big Band!

A special gift will be given for each level of donation as a small token of gratitude for continuing to make my visions come to life! As each donation tier goes higher, you will not only receive the gifts on that level, but every gift before it as well! The donation gifts are as follows:

$10: Early Digital Download & Personal e-Thank You Card

$20: Handwritten Thank-You Card & Special Acknowledgement on website & all social media

$50: Signed Poster w/ official logo & exclusive photo from the recording session (shipping included)

$75: Signed Chart of the original tune by Christian Wiggs & David Mesquitic, "By Candlelight"

$100: Be In The Studio (during session) (2 hours; travel not included)


If you would like to help fund this project, have questions or would like to know more information, you can see the FAQ and contact me through my email listed below! 

Email: christian@morelandyoung.com



Q: "Where is my money going?"

A: Your donation will go towards paying for the studio space, paying the engineer for mixing and mastering, paying contracted musicians, online distribution, and special musical arrangements for the instruments.


Q: "Will I receive the album for free? Or will I have to pay for it once it releases?"

A: Absolutely, you will receive a free digital copy! In fact, you will receive it two-three weeks earlier than the official release date.


Q: "Will there be CD's made of this album?"

A: We will be announcing a pre-order list soon. If we get at least 80 pre-orders, physical copies will be made!


Q: "When is the official release date?"

A: The official release date is unannounced at this point; the recording session will take place in late July 2017. But, of course, you will receive your copy early if you choose to be a benefactor of this recording session. The projected release date is Fall 2017.


Q: "Where will the recording session be?"

A: The session will take place at 12th Street Sound, a professional recording studio in Austin, Texas. 


Q: "When will the recording session take place?"

A: The session will be in July 2017!